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Hello! I'm Ryan Samson. 
 I'm a seasoned 
veteran when it comes to capturing those fleeting moments that turn into keepsakes. I started photography like a lot people; taking classes in high school which quickly became an obsession. This evolved into working for the Pitt News while getting my bachelors from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating in 2011 I took the leap to become a professional and have been behind a camera body and expensive lens ever since; focusing mostly on athletics. My subjects have varied from professional athletes to little leaguers. I have always gravitated towards action, even the little bits. Nothing makes me happier than capturing someone at the peak of their athletic prowess. 

Weddings, portraits, headshots, parties, concerts, bar and bat mitzvahs, events, Crossfit, maternity, engagements... you name it I've probably shot it. I'm a certified NPS (Nikon Professional Services) member with gear specializing in movement and low lighting. I've worked with kids at Abington Friends Summer Camps for over a decade; giving me a massive amount of experience when it comes to photographing the joys of childhood. I'm readily available to contract or freelance work. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to talk to you! 

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